DS Vaadin Flow Gradle Plugin May 29th, 2019


The DS Vaadin Flow Gradle Plugin allows you to build your Vaadin projects leveraging the Gradle build tool.

It’s main purpose is to seamlessly integrate with the Gradle build ecosystem and provide the developer with an easy interface to build complex Vaadin Flow applications.

The main features include:

The plugin also integrates with many of Gradle’s optimization features such as:

Furthermore, the plugin provides advanced Javascript features such as:

The plugin also tries to support most of the features the Vaadin Maven Flow plugin does. However, it does not guarantee that all features are implementated or that they are implemented in the same way.

Source code

The source code is Open Source and is licensed under the permissive Apache 2 license. The sources of the plugin can be found in the Github repository at [https://github.com/devsoap/gradle-vaadin-flow].

For more information about how to develop the plugin checkout the Development Article.